The Waves We Part With

“In the Malay world, the tiger is believed to live in villages, where the houses have walls of human skin, and the roofs are thatched with human hair. And when crossing lakes and rivers, the tiger can dissolve into the shape of man.”
‘We’re Tigers’ Ho Tzu Nyen

2014 – Video, 38’

Six days per week, the eight fishermen of the Tiger’s II work day and night at sea in the north of France. We discover the patterns of their group dynamics as we watch how they respond to the intense rhythm of their work, the distance from women and the integration of new recruits. This film delves into a male trio’s intimacy, portraying the youths’ daily lives in the boat.

Far at sea, their life on land feeds the conversations that relate today’s condition of a certain group of working-class youth. Humour, self-esteem, and feeling of belonging carry on along the cycles that structure their lives.

Autarcie Tiger’s II depicts the motivations of young men who have chosen a life marked by hard physical constraints, and the way they establish their sense of empowerment in their isolated context.

2014 – Video installation – Projectors, silkscreen on acrylic glass, metal.

A French term for both the technical drawing of a boat and an extreme wide camera shot in cinema, Plan d’Ensemble displays silent videos of the fishermen from Autarcie Tiger’s II, in the kitchen of their boat. This installation looks at the forced intimacy that they experience on a daily basis.


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The Wave we part with will mark the second in a series of solo presentations by Fahmy Shahin (EG), Naïmé Perrette (FR) to take place at Petra between September and October, organised by Mehraneh Atashi (IR) and PAS director Jokūbas Čižikas (LT).

Naïmé Perrette (1989, France) has completed a master in Film Animation at ENSAD (Paris) and was resident at Rijksakademie in Amsterdam in 2014-2015. She is currently granted by Werkbijdrage Jong Talent, Mondriaan Fonds voor Kunstenaars.

Petra Ark Space is a floating exhibition platform located on an ark previously hosting an industrial crane that in the following months will be remodelled and reenvisioned by contributing artists.