Between the Onion and its Skin



It’s still calm when I get the flashback.

It’s a spaceship swinging left and right like a chair floating in water.

I go lie down on the grass in the dark. The gift is right here right now.

A floating island with Mexican jumping beans.


A process that started millions of years ago when every living being on this planet was condensed by temperature and pressure into rocks settled at the bottom of the sea.

In Plastic/Ocean/Desert/Sky; The Major Signs (2016), Fahmy Shahin has built a bridge in the landscape between consciousness and communication where language is uncertain and self-fulfilling prophecy narratives fight for their place in the material world.

He looked at the map as a bridge

As a vehicle for greater narrative

As a dynamic elusive surface

As the forgotten rather than the signified








Between the Onion and its Skin will mark the first in a series of solo presentations by Fahmy Shahin (EG), Naïmé Perrette (FR) and Belit Sağ (TR) to take place at Petra between September and October, organised by Mehraneh Atashi (IR) and PAS director Jokūbas Čižikas (LT).

Fahmy Shahin (1983) was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, where he studied Textile Printing at Helwan University’s Faculty of Applied Arts. Currently, he resides in Amsterdam and has recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague, where he studied Interactive/Media/Design.

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